There are some important differences between the two programs. We’ve created this chart to help you discern between the two programs:

Yes. With the transition, the only change that will be made is that your payments will go to Grand HVAC Leasing instead of Puget Sound Energy. Should you choose to sign up, your rental rate will remain unchanged for at least the first two years.
In order to do this, you must complete the sign up process, which you can do by clicking here, or by calling GHL at 1-833-358-0273.

Your monthly rental fee will the be same as it was with PSE April 30, 2020. This monthly fee for your water heater is locked in for at least the next 24 months with Grand HVAC Leasing.
GHL has never increased our customers’ rental fees!

Your service provider will likely not change, and Grand HVAC Leasing has partnered with Fast Water Heaters so you can receive the same responsive and professional service that you did previously through Puget Sound Energy.

The transition will officially take place on December 23, 2020. After that date, you will be required to call Grand HVAC Leasing for service, maintenance, and payment at 1-855-754-0530.

You can choose to either continue your rental service and enroll in the Grand HVAC Leasing program, or end your participation in the rental program with PSE prior to December 23, 2020. Should you choose to remain in the program, your service will continue as usual, except GHL will be your contact for service and maintenance instead of PSE. In order to continue your service, you must complete the sign up process by clicking here, or by calling 1-833-358-0273.
If you choose to end your rental service, you must contact Puget Sound Energy prior to December 23, 2020 by visiting their website here or calling 1-800-421-7368. By ending your rental service, you may be subject to a payoff on your equipment per your lease agreement with PSE.

If you do not want to continue renting your water heater, you must contact Puget Sound Energy in order to terminate your service and lease agreement. By ending your rental service, you may be subject to a payoff on your equipment per your lease agreement with PSE. You can find out more about ending your service by clicking here or calling 1-800-421-7368.

Grand HVAC Leasing specializes in leasing residential and commercial heating, cooling and water heating equipment across North America. The founders at GHL have over 30 years of HVAC expertise providing bundled solutions for customers, including regular maintenance inspections, and service parts and labor protection-100% worry-free programs. GHL offers leases, rentals, and protection plans to customers across North America.
GHL is active across the United States, including in Florida, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Washington, California, Texas, and more. We partner with Utility companies, manufacturers, and contractors all over the US and Canada, including Rinnai, TECO energy, Liberty utilities, and more.
You can find out more at

Grand HVAC Leasing offers a wide range of products and services to maximize your comfort, energy savings and affordability. If you visit our website at, there is a list of the additional products and services that GHL offers that you can sign up for.

100% service parts and labor costs are included in your lease price, just as it was previously with Puget Sound Energy.
Grand HVAC Leasing also offers you easy payment options, including direct bank account withdrawal, credit card payments, and a payment portal, as well as end-of-term options. You can rent to own your equipment, continue to pay for inclusive service and maintenance after the term has ended, or upgrade your equipment and begin a new lease!

The lease term is for a minimum of 36 months, and will automatically renew at the end of the term on an annual basis.

You can sign up by clicking here and filling out the information, or calling 1-833-358-0273

Your first payment with GHL will be due on January 15th, 2021, and will cover your GHL rental service from December 23, 2020 – January 23, 2021. You will receive an invoice by email or mail prior to that date.  The last month of your PSE monthly rental charge will be pro-rated by PSE on your PSE billing statement.